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Try passing the certifier-name and old-certifier-name attributes with type-less names (e.g.certifier-name="/ACME" old-certifier-name="/West/ACME") 5. When running on the Notes Driver Shim on a machine that is not the Domino Server, the Notes Driver Shim may not properly issue Move User In Heirarcy Complete requests. GW65 --____KGEELBJHKYFSPZDCLITK____ Content-Type: text/plain; charset=iso-8859-1 Content-Transfer-Encoding: quoted-printable GW6.5 - User was moved two days ago from one post office to another (same = domain).Here's a Lotus Notes/Domino Forum reference that mentions the problem: click here. The work-around is to copy the certifiers into the local address book (names.nsf) on the Notes client workstation. I need to be able toa) Find a user's OUb) Move a user from one OU to another upon request Although obtaining a user's group doesn't return its OU, I can parse for it in the DN. Are you not having any success using the Directory Entry. I have a page which contains a few links, dropdowns and text boxes.

Uwe -- Novell Support Connection Volunteer Sys Op Please don't send me support related e-mail unless I ask you to do so. Moving users from one domain to another We are in the process of not upgrading, but moving user information from a 5.5 domain to a 6.5 domain.

also is there a way to copy a driver from one broker to another? ) way to move users from one tree to another, while preserving their password? I was thinking I could use LDIF importing/exporting... in the past the only way i have found to correctly rename users across nw, gw6.5.7 and novell messenger is to delete the account and start a new one with the new name, because messenger does not seem to accept name changes well in my experience.

Moving PAs to another NDPS Manager: ----------------------------------- You can move Printer Agents from one PSM to another with i Manager. but I don't see that I can get the password to come accross. In any event, i would like to try and move this womans messages from her old account to the new one.

This is a problem with the Move User In Hierarchy Complete method within the Lotus Notes APIs, and how it operates when running on a Notes Client workstation. Account was about 35mb in size and should have transferred = cleanly to the new location.

Apparently, the Move User In Heirarcy Complete method defaults to using the local when searching for certificates, instead of accessing the appropriate on the Domino server. Account appears to be in the correct post = office but listing in the address book still shows the old post office = name. I have tried = synchronizing account/post office/domain but this has not alleviated the = problem. Moving an AD user from an OU to another OU I'm creating a web-based AD administrative system to create, edit, remove users as well as provide other functions. Produce an error warning if user tries to move to another page without saving the current one Hi, How to display an warning message if the user tries to move to another page without saving the current one.

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