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Then, just when you're about to turn away, there's some Star Wars footage, as if somewhere the following conversation went down. This year the marketer decided to play up that particular product attribute by crossing into the vampire genre.

Creative 1: "Guys, this is great, but didn't we do a teaser promising some sort of tie-in to Star Wars? It's a decent enough ad—the special effects are OK and the sound track is great—but vampires are so, I don't know, 2009. I still say Super Bowl fans want their Clydesdales acting like people, not pulling a damn beer wagon.

9 season premiere of reality show "Swamp People," which follows the lives of a few alligator hunters down in Louisiana.

As a Louisiana native, I may be biased, but the photography and copywriting here will pique the curiosity of the uninitiated and psych up die-hard fans of the show. Here we have some computer-animated characters with defined personalities.

If I worked in an ad agency and someone told me I'd be working on a Super Bowl spot, I'd be thrilled. After reinventing the Camry, Toyota shows us it's reinvented other things: curtains made of pizza, free ice cream and smiles at the DMV, policemen who give massages rather than tickets and beat-downs.

Secondly, while the spot is over the top, it's not that hard to imagine the real-life Jerry Seinfeld duking it out with gearhead Jay Leno for the first NSX off the production line.

The dog-retrieving-a-beer gag has been done by everyone from Strohs to, well, Bud Light.

Extra points for a cameo by the Chicago Bears' Brian Urlacher and that one lone i Phone holdout at the end.

What, did someone let George Lucas near the script?

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