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This information plays a role in other maintenance steps we’ll get into next.Like any part of your business, automated solutions don't remain static: what works today might not be suitable tomorrow. A Knowledgebase article, for example, might be tied to a current product release, but when that product is updated or modified, is the solution still correct?As with above, the more challenging and frustrating it is for the customers to use self-service, the less confidence they will have in your self-service and the less likely they are to use it in the future.Customer self-service is a great option for your customers.In addition to usage reporting that measures its usefulness to customers, review results to get a sense of the big picture and verify you are still delivering against your goals - and remember to share progress against goals and successes throughout your company.Your ongoing care and feeding of self-service will help ensure you are continuously satisfying customers via their preferred service channel in the most efficient means possible.In the last few years, offering customer self-service has become not only a priority for businesses but table stakes in delivering customer service. According to Forrester's research in 2016 and again in 2017, it’s clear that customers have an opinion: they’ve become accustomed to it, use it, and even online solutions available anytime, anywhere with no waiting.

The best practice here is to set periodic review dates for all solutions to ensure information intended to help customers doesn’t end up frustrating them instead.

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Similar to the prior process of validating each self-service option still functions as intended, this has to do with a solution no longer being needed perhaps due to product obsolescence, replacement, etc.

When reviewing usage reporting, you might also find a solution is simply no longer used by customers.

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As you were considering the addition of self-service, did you also set goals for it?

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